Our History

StageCoach Theatre School was started in the summer of 1999 by Simon Henson, Lynda Jensen and Margaret Jardine, and since the spring of 2000, has produced a year-end show at Artspring Theatre, on Salt Spring Island, B. C. StageCoach Theatre School Society was incorporated as a Non-Profit under the Province of BC’s Society Act on October 23rd, 2000.

The many board members (ALL volunteers) that have kept this school running smoothly through the seasons must be acknowledged here with respect and deep gratitude, for without their hard work and dedication to the students, StageCoach would have ceased to be! Thank you!

Many individuals that have taught our students over the years is vast and rich with professionalism and talent!

IMG_52422014Don KeithIMG_52622014
Maggie O’Scalleigh
Bob Twaites
Sue Newman
Rachel Jacobsen
Lynda Jensen
Joi Freed-Garrod
Andrea Rabinovitch
Jill Smith
Robbyn Scott
Oona McOuat

 Thanks to all of you!




In 2010, Adina Hildebrandt and Maggie O’Scalleigh picked up the torch as Artistic Director and Producer respectively. (Both also teach) They continue to expand the age range and style of classes that StageCoach Theatre School has to offer, with a focus on ensemble learning and performances.

Maggie O’Scalleigh continues to support the school as a consultant.

Now in its eighteenth season, The Board of Directors, Staff and students of StageCoach Theatre School would like to acknowledge some of the organizations and businesses that have helped us with fundraising in the form of grants, discounts, donations of money, time and product for many years.

British Columbia Lottery and Gaming Commission, TJ Beans, Country Grocer, Bohemia Consignment, Lions Club of Salt Spring, Acoustic Planet Music,¬†Salt Spring Books, West Of The Moon, Salt Spring Foundation, P.A.R.C., Barb’s Bakery and Bistro, Windsor Plywood, Persnickety Clothing for Kids, Thrifty Foods, Salt Spring Coffee, Mouats

And a few anonymous donors that helped when we needed them the most!

And lastly, to the families; kids and parents alike, who steadfastly bake, pin and sew, paint sets and faces, run lines and posters, bring food, water and scripts to class: Your dedication in time and energy has manifested as a tangible, safe environment for our students to play, imagine, learn and grow.

This school is yours…